About Me

Benjamin Klein aka phortx is a germany based Senior Full-Stack Web Software Engineer with over 15 years of experience in software development. He’s an Open Source Developer, a Rubyist (and a Crystalist), a Ravenclaw, a Digital Nomad, a wannebe bassist and a Hobby Photographer. Also he’s a husband and father.

He loves to build awesome things and thus he developed a decent pile of projects for the past decade. His obsession is to improve work efficiency, optimize workflows and to automate everything around him.

Until the summer of 2016 he worked for almost 10 years at Chamaeleon as a Frontend Developer, CMS Coach, and CMS specialised Software Engineer. There he built the WYSIWYG Enterprise Content Management System ionas4 together with his team.

After that awesome journey he joined eoceo as a Ruby Engineer for the CTO position to build the next generation medical software solution.

Finally he joined i22 Digitalagentur GmbH in Bonn, Germany as Senior Software Developer where he’s still working on amazing products.

Want to work with him? Just send an email at benny -at- itws.de!

What is ITWS?

The IT Workshop is his personal blog. Nothing special, just a small quiet place in the vastnesses of the world wide web, where he shares some thoughts with you, rants about things I’m really annoyed about and publishes awesome stuff (or not). Sometimes it’s just a notepad and sometimes you may find here some nice tutorials. Also he’ll publish all news about his projects here. However don’t expect posts on a regular basis.

Don’t hesitate to tell your opinion in the comments regarding a blog post, send him a mail if your have some ideas, want to work with him, have some nice projects ideas, want to talk, whatever.

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If you use any projects he built and like the work or want to thank him for any contribution to your project, please make a small donation to keep him motivated.

Simply use the PayPal donation function in order to make a donation.

Thank you!