🧙🏻‍♂️ Greetings, my name is Benjamin Klein

and I'm a Senior Software Engineer/Wizard based in 🇩🇪  Germany.

My friends call me Benny. The wizarding community knows me as phortx.


The awesome journey of a wizard

The nature of the technology around us can sometimes be hard to distinguish from the mysteries of pure magic. Fascinating and intimidating. Over many years I studied and inscribed the sacred runes and performed the arcane rituals that breath life into the realm of the internet. Thus I gathered the ancient knowledge which is required to master this force and form it to everything imaginable.


I used my arcane skills to create powerful tools and share it with everyone who is bold enough for entering the realm of magic. You may find them at GitHub.


Since ever I'm sharing my knowledge to everyone and any institution which uses it wisely. Thus several organizations allowed me to contribute and build incredible things in this magical realm. I have an obsession with improving efficiency, developer happiness and finding approaches for automation.


🔮 The first journey was an about 10 Years long quest at Chamaeleon as a Frontend Wizard, CMS Coach and CMS specialised Software Engineer. There I had the pleasure to help creating the WYSIWYG Enterprise Content Management System IONAS4 with a team of highly skilled wizards.

🔮   In the summer of 2016 I joined eoceo as a Ruby Wizard for the CTO position to build the next generation medical software sorcery.

🔮  Next I joined the i22 Digitalagentur GmbH as Elder Backend Wizard where I'm responsible for the backend magic of the Telekom online shops like smarthome.de and shop.telekom.de.

🔮 Finally my path lead me to the innovative insurance startup FreeYou AG as Elder Backend Wizard where I tame the arcane powers of the rails based backend.


🔮  Besides that I'm working as a independent Wizard and Consultant since 2016 where I help different customers to navigate the rough fields of this mysterious plane.


I'm eager to explore where my journey will lead me in the future ...


📷  In my spare time I love to catch and share my special view of the world in photographies. You may find them at 500px.


My arcane skills

In the past 15 years I touched plenty of mysterious technologies. However these are the ones I'm currently most confident with:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Ruby, Rails, RSpec
  • Elixir, Phoenix
  • Vue.js, Nuxt, Vuex
  • Electron
  • REST, Swagger, GraphQL
  • Linux, Docker
  • PSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB
  • Git, GitLab
  • Heroku, AWS
  • SCRUM (Master), KanBan, JIRA
  • VS Code, JetBrains
  • TDD/BDD, CI/CD, Accelerate, Clean Code, Clean Architecture, ...